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EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists

The second installment of Ghadar Now! is here hosted by our new, good-looking, Republican host Piyush Jindal! And this time we give you an extra fifteen minutes … for free! Featuring an interview with a British despot, a report on cutting edge science, a story of global proportions, and a dead woman’s will, your best news source delivers its best ever.


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Contributions from:

  • freesound.org and its users cdrk, rastataper, robinhood76, bram, 303creative, f4kf4ce, edhutscheck, and bigfriendlyjiant
  • “Tu Chale Sung by Three Children” by Samuel Corwin
  • Nightshift by Force of Nature
  • Morning Edition Theme Music by BJ Leiderman
  • Music from album “Tumbling Dishes Like Old Man’s Wishes” by Jahzzar
  • Music from album “The Leave of Leaves” by Thorn1
  • “Bury Your Heart” by EZTV
  • “The Day That Came To Us” by Nitasha Kaul
  • “On Throwing Rocks” by anonymous submission on Conflict MN
  • “I Am A Terrorist” by Tenzin Tsundue

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