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Beyond The Carceral Regime

Sex offender registries are yet another part of the carceral regime. But is this criticism unsubstantiated without detailing alternatives? [Download Link] This statement is part of many abolition statements published by the journal, Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics. Read the original post here. Transcript: “Notes Against & Beyond Our Carceral Regime: Erica Meiners on Abolition,” a statement published… Continue reading Beyond The Carceral Regime

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Whiteness Must Be Banished to History

Racism is a touchy subject for white people. We found an antidote.   [Download Link] Read the full article at RaceBaitr. Transcript: Whiteness must be banished to history—to an other-space of that which is unknown and impossible. There is no way in which whiteness can move that is freeing or liberating for Black people, so… Continue reading Whiteness Must Be Banished to History

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EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists

The second installment of Ghadar Now! is here hosted by our new, good-looking, Republican host Piyush Jindal! And this time we give you an extra fifteen minutes … for free! Featuring an interview with a British despot, a report on cutting edge science, a story of global proportions, and a dead woman’s will, your best… Continue reading EP002: Charts, Maps and Kill Lists