Ghadar Now! is an auditory intervention that allegedly digs up the root of modernity, along with all the bacteria and fungus around it, and brews an indigestible cocktail for the consumption of first-world’s neoliberal guards.

All stories, investigations, opinions and conjecture are true and based on unprovable facts, easily available to the listener as long she pays attention to the sold-out media on the teletube or the interwebs. The rancid philosophy of objectivity lies at the heart of this produced audio-galaxy. We pursue truth and only truth, except when it is inconvenient.

The inspiration of this podcast comes from the white man’s incessant misuse of the two-handed, two-fingered, claw-like gesture used to imply that a quote is being invoked, cynically or not; a gesture used often in banal conversations or economic policies that will eventually make millions homeless. For example:

  • We bring progress instead of “we bring you progress”
  • “They demand higher wages” instead they need higher wages.

And so on.

Ghadar Now! will unceasingly bring you the news and coverage that you need to live a more uncomfortable life. You will find that our journalists, our team of well paid interns, and our subservient managerial staff, are the true leaders of the utopia you wish to create.

We are independent, nice, persevering, and doggedly imaginative.

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